Well, wow!

My title pretty much sums up my life the past week or two. Well, wow.
Easiest way to put it. I’ve had A LOT going on, and it’s broken my back to do it all. Not literally, but I’m over-dramatic.
Now, on to a little bit of books news 😉
I got the FINAL cover back for The Lost One, Dakota and Caden’s story, and to say I’m BLOWN AWAY by this cover is an understatement. I FLOVE IT! I am seriously in awe of Kim Black’s ability to take EXACTLY what I want and turn it into the beautiful, breathtaking cover that it is now. It is killing me to keep TLO’s cover from y’all, but I want to have a huge cover reveal, and get as many blogs involved as possible. I want their cover to spread far and wide.
Dakota and Caden’s story will be the last in the Intertwined Seduction series, and I’m terribly sad to let all of these characters go. I started with Mace and Araylia, and have come to Dakota and Caden. I’ve been with all of these wonderful characters for almost a year now, and I have no idea what I’m going to do without them in my head. I’m really sad to let these characters go, so I’m not going to do it.
Not yet.
That’s right, I don’t want to let the characters go, so I’m not going to. For those of you that have read all of the books so far, The Lucky Bullet and The Missing Pieces, I’m sure y’all remember Zane from TMP? If not, you should totally go read TMP. It’s suggested to read in order, but you don’t have to. All of the books can be read as standalones. So if you want to start with TMP, go for it!
Anyhoots, Zane from TMP. He’s getting his own story. It won’t be a part of the series, but Zane will be getting his own book. I have no idea who the female lead is going to be yet, but I know I’m just going to love her.
Also, a new character gets introduced in TLO and I’m strongly considering her getting her own story as well. It’s a nice way to keep all of the characters from the Intertwined Seduction series around, but new, fresh stories.
I hope that y’all like this idea. I am really excited about this news.
Zane and the new characters’ stories probably won’t be released until 2016 since I already have 3 stories lined up for 2015. Zane may come at the end of 2015, who knows. *Shrugs* I guess we shall see 😀
I know, what the hell? MORE NEWS?! Lol. I’m sorry, I just haven’t shared much in the last month or so, therefore I have a pile of news to share.
So you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m going to do after finishing TLO, well I am here to tell you. I have TLO to finish sometime soon, and then I’m a part of this AWESOME anthology, and I will be creating a brand new story along with some other amazing authors. After that, I am working with another author close to me to create another beautiful story. I am so freaking excited to be working with this author to create a story together. This author and I have worked together in the past, but never to make a story! So this is going to be exciting and fun!
One last thing, I will be releasing the prologue and chapter 1 of The Lost One very, very soon, but only to my newsletter subscribers. Therefore, if you haven’t signed up yet you need to do so now! You can look over there > to my right somewhere and find the link where you can subscribe. So HURRY UP! 🙂
I suppose that is all the news I have for now, but I will have more news soon pertaining these stories I’ve mentioned above.
Have a great rest of the week loves! 😉


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